If You Are Struggling With…

Substance Abuse

Here, you have found someone you can trust.  Addiction can take your health, family, finances, career, and even life. Fighting it is worth the effort, and you don’t have to fight alone.  You can take your dreams and your life back from addiction. The possibilities for healing are endless and within reach. I have helped many people understand their addiction, their triggers, and learn how to rewire their brain. If you’re ready to invest in your recovery, I’m here to help you begin living a healthier life.

A Loved One’s Substance Abuse

Here, you have found an ally.  Addiction affects family members and friends as much as it does the addict – sometimes more.  Being the loved one of a person caught in the throes of mental and/or physical addiction is not a small issue.  Whether your loved one has become addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, or other destructive behaviors, you’ve come to the right place. Concern for your loved one can consume your thoughts, steal your joy, and even destroy your relationships and career. Fortunately, you don’t have to cope with this alone. You can learn strategies that will make your life easier, and I can help.


Here, you have found support.  You don’t feel like yourself.  Your feelings of hopelessness and sadness can seemingly stem from nothing, or they may be due to life stressors you are facing.  Perhaps you are experiencing depression in response to something that appears harmless to others.  If your depression is encompassing, enveloping, and engrossing, I can help you develop the skills to break free. I offer effective treatments for all types of depression with the goal of helping you feel like yourself again.


Here, you have found someone that truly cares about you and your wellbeing.  Your anxiety is causing chronic feelings of worry, fear, agitation, and apprehension about seemingly minor things in life.  Maybe your anxiety has become chronic and is leading to phobias and a desire to avoid the people, activities, or places that you once loved. Changing your thoughts and releasing the grip of anxiety is possible with an effective treatment approach that you and I will create together.